The Body Song

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bodysong 2.jpg

The Body Song

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This song is both a playful and a powerful journey, which maps the female child’s body from head to toe…and doesn’t miss a thing! The song lyrics invite the young listener to learn and celebrate the functions, wisdoms and pleasures of all parts of their bodies… the eyes, nose, ears…the nipples, tummy and vulva, the bum, legs and feet…and more! All types, shapes and colours of bodies.

The purpose of the body song is to “name without shame” the female body – to give little girls the words to use to talk about their bodies and to give them a sense of ownership and pride in their bodies.

I love my body
From my toes to my chin
The colour, the shape
Chubby or thin!

I love my body,
Fully able or not
I have what I have
And I love what I’ve got!

The body song also provides parents with a pro-active tool to open up dialogue with their young daughters about boundaries and sexual abuse prevention – in a developmentally appropriate manner – and in a medium that is pure joy for children – music! Upbeat, fun, easy to learn…the body song is pure celebration!

When we don’t name something... We are naming it, shame.
— Anita Roberts