2014 Research Conclusion on the Efficacy of the Safeteen Program

This single, 2.5 hour program did significantly impact students’ behaviours and beliefs. Participation in the safeteen program also had a significant impact on students’ spontaneous reactions to hypothetical interpersonal challenges. Indeed, both boys and girls proposed more assertive and less submissive responses to challenging situations following participation in the safeteen program as compared to before the program.
— Dr. Shelley Hymel, Professor, Educational and Counseling Psychology and Special Education, UBC
I want our young males to have the choices made visible, along with the outcomes that follow each choice. That is one of Safeteen’s virtues; it encourages young males to think hard about what kind of man they want to be.
— Dr. Aaron White, Psychologist who Specializes in Males and Anger

Addressing Bullying Among Tweens: Prevention & Intervention

Shelley Hymel, Ph.D

(Professor, Educational and Counseling Psychology and Special Education, UBC)