A life-altering, mind-opening, heart healing, self-esteem blossoming, transformational experience for youth ages 8 to 13!

Through theatre games, movement, self-defense, creative writing and drawing, youth will have an opportunity to explore the issues of personal boundaries, bullying, body image, media influences and physical & emotional safety. The goal of the workshop is to introduce youth to their full power potential, keep them safe from bullies and predators, and give them skills to move into adolescence with safety and confidence.


Issues Covered

  • Boundaries – Asserting personal space boundaries
  • Power Skills – Standing up and speaking up without fear or anger
  • Media – Nurturing and protecting self-esteem
  • Body Awareness – Naming our bodies without shame
  • Relational Violence – Gossip, popularity power-games, exclusion and verbal bullying
  • Self Defense – Simple strategies for fighting back in the event of abduction or assault
  • Consent – Realities and Legalities of Sexual Consent Youth 13 years and up only

Participants Will Receive

  • Safeteen Youth Resources
  • Safeteen POWERyouth Certificate of Achievement
  • A life-altering, mind-opening, heart-healing, self-esteem blossoming, transformational experience.

Timing and Format

  • Youth must be similar age, 1 or 2 years difference is okay
  • 3 hour block of time, includes a 15 minute snack break
  • Delivered to gender-specific groups More info.
  • Capacity is 8-12 youth per workshop
  • Whiteboard, chalkboard or flip chart required
  • $75 + GST per youth, group booking deposit required
  • Out-of-town rates and travel fees may apply, contact us