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Safeteen TRUTH SPEAK blog is a space where Safeteen founder, Anita Roberts and the Safeteen Agents for Change come to share what they are most passionate about. 


“My life’s work began in 1976 with a self-defence class for women in my basement. The safety and empowerment of girls and women has long been close to my heart because of my own personal experiences with violence and the violent truth of so many of my sisters all across the globe. In order to create a safer world for females it became evident that it was imperative that we work with males.  With that in mind, the Safeteen Boy’s Program was developed and is offered alongside our program for girls. Hand -in-hand, step-by-step, child-by-child, we are creating change. Moved by the sacred wisdom of anger and motivated by the power of love, I continue this journey to end violence.”  - Anita Roberts



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