Safeteen is passionate about building capacity and the best way to create lasting change in our youth culture is by each student receiving this transformational workshop before they graduate high school.

Safeteen District Pricing Program

Receive 5% off all Safeteen programs, including Secondary Level 1 & Level 2Elementary ProgramsPro-D TrainingsPAC Presentations if your district books district wide Secondary Level 1 programs, per school year.


We are very excited to offer our new District Pricing Program that will provide all schools in your district with 5% off all Safeteen programs as a benefit for booking district wide Secondary Level 1 programs, per school year.

How do I sign up my district?

Email and we will be happy to arrange details according to your specific district needs.  

How do we book the workshops?

If the booking is being done through the PE department at each school then those staff are welcome to email booking requests to and we will confirm their request via email and copy a member in the district accounting department or any contact of your choice with each booking confirmation. You may also appoint someone from each school to book the programs and send in their contacts and we will initiate the booking requests to make sure they are booked each year. 

A monthly invoice will be sent to an accounting contact or contact(s) of your choice outlining all the workshops booked that month for your district level 1 workshops only. If there are no workshops in a month, then no invoice will be sent. You will receive 5% off all programming district wide, excluding GST and travel fees. If schools would like to book additional programming, i.e. Level 2, PAC Presentations or Pro-D Day training they will be confirmed and invoiced directly to each school for payment. They will also receive 5% off on all additional programming.

We will send an annual report to a contact of your choice outlining all workshops delivered in your district, including the level 1 workshops funded or supported by the district, addition programming booked by Elementary and Secondary schools in the district, how many students received programming, your total cost and district pricing program savings.

Workshop Details - Preteen, Levels 1 & 2

  • 2.5 - 3 hour block of time is needed.
  • $475 + GST per workshop, travel fees may apply. 5% off applied at time of booking.
  • Maximum capacity is 30 youth per workshop in private classrooms.
  • Whiteboard, chalkboard or flip-chart is needed for the facilitator to use.
  • Staff are not required to be in the room. If so, they must be of the same gender.
  • Delivered to gender-specific groups. Youth are welcome to attend the gender group with which they most identify. More info.
  • If you book Level 1 & 2 for the same grade within a school year, receive each workshop at $375 + GST, travel fees may apply.  

Looking for funding?

Some good ideas include, fundraisers like car-washes, approach local businesses such as Realtors, Tim Hortons or major grocery chains to name a few. Sometimes fire halls have “Swear Jars” and distribute the money a few times a year; or crowd funding can be very powerful. Some schools have parents send $15 per student and that covers the cost, if workshops are at capacity, or PAC groups sponsor the workshops to ensure their children receive the life-saving skills offered in the Safeteen Programs.

Thank you for your continued support!