PHASE 1: Large Gender-blended Presentation

1 hour, unlimited attendance

This engaging large group presentation is an eye-opening experience for anyone working in the corporate world. With a focus on creating a healthy and safe workplace culture, the event will highlight the way gender conditioning and gender stereotypes impact sexual harassment, healthy boundaries and communication styles. Both the personal and legal aspects of the issues will be highlighted in this presentation. Appropriate for everyone from administration to management.

PHASE 2: Gender-specific Workshops

2 hours each, up to 30 participants per workshop

In the gender-specific workshops participants will learn concrete strategies to use in their daily working lives. Strategies to identify inappropriate behaviours and skillfully manage those moments, which can range from slight discomfort to verbal or physical violation. Assertive communication, including voice tone and body language will be a strong focus. This is an experiential training which will ensure a healthy professional environment and the emotional, mental and physical safety of participants; both at the workplace and to and from work. 


Phase 2 - Program Outlines

Female-Identified – Phase 2

The Power of Wisdom

In these workshops, participants will be introduced to the POWER OF WISDOM: the power that every female-identified person has to listen to their intuition and stand up and speak up when faced with intimidation or violation including sexual harassment and sexual assault. The strategies include body language and verbal skills to effectively de-escalate harassment and potential violence as well as a practise to clarify sexual consent. Participants will learn to identify the voice of wisdom, identify inappropriate behaviours in themselves and others and assert boundaries without aggression or conflict. 


Large Gender-blended Presentation Details

  • 1 hour block of time
  • Delivered to large gender-blended audience
  • Unlimited attendance
  • Whiteboard, chalkboard or flip chart required
  • $500 + GST per presentation
  • Out-of-town $725 + GST per presentation, travel fees will apply, contact us

Male-Identified - Phase 2

The Power of Choice

In these workshops, participants will be introduced to “The Male Code of Conduct”. The expectations and limitations of this male code, how to navigate it and how to find freedom through the concept of THE POWER OF CHOICE: the power that each individual has to choose what kind of human being they wish to be. The focus will be on the realities and legalities of harassment and sexual assault with a clarity on what constitutes consent. Participants will be able to identify specific inappropriate behaviours in themselves and others including gestures, use of humour, verbal and physical communication.


Gender-specific Workshop Details

  • 2.5 hour block of time is ideal
  • Delivered to genders-specific groups
  • Maximum 30 participants per workshop
  • Whiteboard, chalkboard or flip chart required
  • $500 + GST per workshop
  • Out-of-town $725 + GST per workshop, travel fees will apply, contact us

Participants are welcome to attend the gender group with which they most identify. More Info.

This single, 2.5 hour program did significantly impact participants’ behaviours and beliefs.
— UBC Research Conclusion: Dr. Shelley Hymel, Professor, Educational and Counseling Psychology and Special Education, UBC